Salvage Swings - 2019
Roosevelt Island, New York, NY, USA

Architect: Somewhere Studios

Salvage Swings utilizes scrap cross-laminated timber panels to create a fun and inviting summer pavilion. The pavilion consists of 12 repetitive modules that frame individual swings and views of the park and surrounding city. The swings are organized collectively in a triangular form to create a new communal space within the park. The open framework of the pavilion can host a variety of activities including community swinging, picnicking, outdoor concerts, and hide-and-seek games. The swing seats come from the window cut-outs between modules and activate a large-scale peg game for kids. Integrated lighting in the swing windows transforms the pavilion at night into a beacon from the banks of the East River in Manhattan and Queens. Following the summer events, individual swing modules from the pavilion can be redistributed in new places and configurations.

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