Office>Entropy - 2014
(For Echoing Green)
New York, NY, USA

Architect: Taylor and Miller Architects

This project came in two parts. When the client approached us to design their office space, they knew that they would very quickly need to expand and move to a much larger space. Taylor and Miller developed a system of office partitions and furniture that were made up of basic plywood boxes of different sizes and rectilinear shapes. In the original space, the boxes that made up the partitions were arranged in a more randomized way, allowing for visual connectivity through the space. When moved to the new space, the original boxes were re-organized literally and figuratively to create entire wall partitions of single box types... a simplification of texture that helps to combat the complexity of a much more densely populated office space.

The lighting for this office space allows for the architectural screen elements to dance throughout the space unencumbered. The lighting is very industrial in nature. In many cases, exposed linear flourescent tubes are simply surface mounted to one side of the structural concrete beams in the existing space. This was done in lieu of the building standard pendant lighting, which reduced the overall feeling of height in the space while bringing complexity and interference to the reading of the screen elements.

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